About us

Brucs was created in 1991 with one basic concept, understand the decoration as a unique way to convey feelings, so that all our work aims to create moods from the composition of unique and exclusive environment.

Only with a meditated analysis of each collection, Brucs has developed a mere concept but ingenious; the recovery of furniture and handmade objects of the past adapted to current needs. Always using fine materials, iron and wood, even recycled in many cases ...making objects seem to have always existed and still be from generation to generation, to achieve the latest and timeless collections.       

Therefore Brucs collections exude a formal lifestyle but casual, nonconformist but elegant, traditional although modern, classic yet contemporary, combining the charm of yesteryear with the functionality and comfort of today. Collections where nothing seems new but all together creates revolutionary environments.  

In the end, our goal is to turn conventional environments in exclusive and unique through our collections, to evoke memories of the past, trough time, arousing feelings often forgotten...achieving that the border between past, present and future is only a matter of time.

Clear straight lines, well-designed furniture, bright spaces, neutral warm colors as well as intransigent materials. With all this, Brucs meets the requirements of how we want to live today. For this, we have develop a network throughout the world, with over than 500 suppliers to get the  most complete collections with the best quality possible.    

From its beginning Brucs is a familiar Company where the founders are still the owners and they still on the management of the Company, beeing Brucs part of their universe. We are waiting you to join Brucs universe...